The Choice is Clear

Letter to the Editor published in the Post and Courier

Eugene Platt is a veteran, both of the armed forces and our government. Serving for years on the James Island Public Service District Commission, he has been one of the people the voters have entrusted with running the day-to-day operations on James Island.

While it may seem insignificant to be in charge of garbage collection, go for a week or two without that service and I think you’ll see the value in having a steady hand at the helm. And of course, that is but one of the many tasks the commission must handle.

We need a steady hand. As the federal government makes decisions which will impact our state and the coast for generations to come the Republicans have a candidate for Congress with more baggage than a royal family.

The Democrats have nominated what amounts to a political novice with a famous brother and seemingly little more in the way of government experience to recommend her.

I am sure that both Sanford and Busch are dedicated politicians who have plans for their future. I am equally sure that Eugene Platt will offer real leadership based on real service to the people.

If Sanford or Busch is elected, what will change?

If Platt is elected, a lot will change.

Gregg Jocoy

Polaski Court