News: April 2013

The Choice is Clear

Eugene Platt is a veteran, both of the armed forces and our government. Serving for years on the James Island Public Service District Commission, he has been one of the people the voters have entrusted with running the day-to-day operations on James Island...Eugene Platt will offer real leadership based on real service to the people.


Platt hopes to garner at least 10% of votes in District 1 election

“Election after election, voters complain about not having more of a choice than ‘either-or’ and express a desire, in effect, to have the option of saying ‘No’ to both corporate party candidates.” He says the economy is the biggest issue, and the Green Party’s positions on health care(a single-payer system), social justice and ending foreign wars would lead to more jobs and put the country back on track.


1st District Green Party candidate endorsed by 2012 nominee for president

“It isn’t often that people have a chance to vote for someone who is firmly on the side of working people and who has the courage to take on the big political machines that have been creating such a mess in Washington. Eugene Platt is a breath of fresh air for the voters. If you think we need more integrity and compassion in our elected officials, you can show it by proudly casting a vote for Eugene Platt for Congress.”