News: May 2013

Green Party candidate: 'We hoped to win'

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Still Platt thought his candidacy would help broaden and educate the public about the principles of the Green Party. "A lot of people, after every election, say ‘Oh, I wish there had been a block at the bottom with the label none of the above,'" said Platt. "Well in this case, my candidacy is almost like that. If they don't like either the Republican or the Democrat, they can cast a vote for me."


Long-shot Green candidate Eugene Platt brings fiery idealism to SC-1 race

"There are only a finite number of dollars available for healthcare," Platt says, "and when too many of them are siphoned off to support the insurance industry — the skyscrapers and the executives with six- or seven-figure salaries and the corporate jet planes and on and on — that's billions of dollars that could be better used for hands-on care."