News: November 2011

Fairness Issue

Reprinted from The Post and Courier
By Eugene Platt

Biting my tongue, I will not be so uncivil as to accuse my hometown newspaper of hypocrisy. However, an innate sense of fairness compels me to point out an extraordinary inconsistency:

On the front page and in huge type at the top of your Nov. 14 editions, you publicly ridiculed school board members who proposed for themselves an annual salary of a relatively modest $15,000. In your Nov. 16 editions, again on the front page but at the bottom and in much smaller type, you report more neutrally a raise of $50,000 for the president and CEO of the State Ports Authority. (He will now be paid a relatively staggering salary of $350,000.)

Where is your sense of values, Post and Courier? Why do you suggest $15,000 is too much for someone charged with developing policy for the education of our precious children, while $350,000 is not much too much for someone overseeing the ever-increasing importation of shoddy items from China, an imbalanced trade that has already cost the jobs of millions of Americans?