News: September 2010

Platt Keys on Schools, Taxes

Reprinted from The Post and Courier
By Allyson Bird

Running on both the Green Party platform and as a petition candidate, Eugene Platt thinks he’s the right fit for state House District 115.

“James Island and Folly Beach are, if anything, independent,” Platt said.

The longtime member of the James Island Public Service District Commission campaigns on bolstering education, adjusting taxes and protecting the environment. A product of local public schools, Platt said, “I’d be an ingrate not to be supportive.”


District 115 candidates concerned about education, crime, and taxes

Island life at the polls
Reprinted from Charleston City Paper
by Greg Hambrick

It’s less exciting without former GOP Rep. Wallace Scarborough to kick around, but the House District 115 race is still one of the most competitive in the state. Now, it’s the Democrats on the defense against Republicans and a third-party challenger. Recognizing the impact of the economic downturn, each candidate excitedly noted the progress in the region, with both Boeing and Clemson’s planned wind turbine facility in North Charleston, but noted that there needs to be more incentives for small businesses. Representing two islands that have been a draw for both developers and vacationers, the candidates all stressed the importance of preserving the district’s natural resources.